Posted by: Ricardo | July 15, 2010

Betrayal :(

I won’t pretend to try too hard for this week’s update; just be grateful you get one and that it’s a day early! It’s been tough coming off 10 days where I had to find time in already-busy days to come up with something and then execute, and it meant pushing a lot of stuff back a little bit. Also, and in a perhaps less-lame excuse, it was my birthday on Monday! Hooray! I can say cryptically (and layeredly!) that I have in this past week caught 22. Party to follow.

The betrayal comes in the form of an unexpected but awesome and now-appreciated gift from my dad: an iPad. This toy, and my similarly unexpected fascination with it, serves to render some of this blog either incredibly ironic or just plain silly. Maybe I’ll change it, maybe I won’t. I’m still not about to run and get a Mac for my ordinary computing needs, but it’s pretty decent for just about everything else it says it does (loving the feeling of power in Godfinger and the awesomeness that is Airvideo). Needless to say, it’s been distracting me quite a bit in my free time. Maybe an emerging series in this blog will be tongue-in-cheek reviews of apps I discover.

Another little gizmo I’ve been experimenting with on the iPad is SketchBook, which apart from being a medium by which actually-talented people have created outstanding works of art (relatively speaking), also pretty much lets me do what I normally do for this blog, but on a handheld computer. So, I present to you the first in what will likely be a continuing contribution type on iCardo, the iPad sketch:

Pedobear approves of Medvedev

Oh, you bet it’s crude. Also, G8 tie-in, yay! This was drawn from pictures I was able to quickly download off a passing bus’ wireless whilst on an actual bus myself, so cut me some slack. Hopefully my proficiency with sketchbook improves a lot quicker than my photoshop skills have.


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