Posted by: Ricardo | March 23, 2011

Something Else

Being a Tumblr-denier, despite hosting a barely-law-related legal “blawg” there (though it very quickly became a weird shrine to Joseph Gordon-Levitt – love that guy), I thought I’d add this stuff I’ve been making here. After all, it’s somewhat more related to the stuff that goes on here (read: little to no Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Here’s the first draft of FUCKYEAHSUPREMECOURT (.tumblr???). It was inspired by a constitutional law lecture about R v. Butler (take that, McGill guide to legal citation!) and the resulting “community standards test” which, long story short, is kind of vague.

Pictures are from free websites that are not the Supreme Court website (though I hear they’re awesome) – apparently I’d need to ask for permission to use their pictures? As if. Am I even allowed to LINK to them? Who knows? Oh. Link!

His judgments are so last century.

Reprints don't do his judgments justice - you totally need to read it in the original text.

Hmm I like her old judgments better.

Hmm I like her old judgments better.

Also, it is surprisingly easy to make glasses-wearing Supreme Court justices look like hipsters. Do they even need the purple hoodie?


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