About the Blogger

My name is Ricardo, though I basically answer to anything people call me as long as it’s more or less directed at me. I have more than once, for example, responded to “assface” and “retardo” without missing a beat. “Cardo” from the blog’s title just happens to be one of those many names I have been called.

This site was originally going to be called “icandobetter.wordpress.com,” but some jerkish business software developer took that domain name and has been wasting it – without updates – since 2006. Whatadouche. Knowing what I had in mind to do for the site, I tried playing around with the words to try to make it punny (because I like puns, even if they are the lowest form of humour). The result was icardobetter, which has a (subjectively) delightful triumvirate of meaning.

  • The first interpretation is the obvious and intentional misspelling of “icandobetter” – which can itself be seen either as a sad resignation over domain names or an attack against the aforementioned douche’s website, saying that “I, ‘Cardo, am better.”
  • The second interpretation is basically a more blatant statement of a particular implication from the first one – the basic fact that I am better. The lack of an object against whom or which I am better serves as a bit of irony, I like to think.


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